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A new way to shop for clothing

Peg DeMarco And, yes, I’ve got stuff in the closet that could be viewed as a relic of the '80s or '90s because I haven’t yet caught up with what’s in fashion these days and most likely will never get to the millennium. It’s not that I’m picky. My two requisites for clothing are pretty simple: 1) is it comfortable, and 2) do I really need it? The introduction of internet shopping was a true lifesaver for someone like me. If it isn’t on Amazon, then I’ll hunt on line. Thank goodness for Google because when I recently keyed in “suede Royal blue clutch” in an attempt to match my Royal blue shoes, that went with my blue-and-green print dress, Amazon was right there to help me out and Prime shipping had me clutching the clutch in two days. The dress, however, was a Belk markdown and the product of a visit one early Saturday morning just as the store was opening up to avoid the crowd — yes, I’m a “loner shopper,” too, so you won’t catch me physically shopping anytime near noon on a Saturday. So, a story I read online recently about Nordstrom’s new clothes shopping concept naturally caught my eye. According to the article from The Washington Post written by Travis Andrews, Nordstrom is opening a store without merchandise. Huh? Yes, you read that right — a clothing store without clothing.

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UMD grad publishes magazine celebrating local clothing industry For Kelsey Garcia, creating the book “SouthCoast Style” was a labor of love highlighting the area’s vibrant clothing industry. From entrepreneurs conveying positive messages on their apparel to high end Joseph Abboud suits, the SouthCoast is ripe with clothing and accessory manufacturers, as Garcia learned when she started her endeavor more than a year ago. The idea for the book, made in the style of a glossy magazine with photo shoots from around the SouthCoast, started on Aug. 25, 2016 when Garcia assembled an exhibit of her photos of clothes and accessories made in Fall River called “Love Where You Live.” At the opening of the exhibit at Government Center, Garcia said Charlie Merrow, CEO of Merrow Sewing Machines (used widely by clothing manufacturers) told her she hadn’t even touched the surface of all the clothing and accessories made here. Garcia said she decided to expand on the project in the book, reaching out beyond Fall River to highlight additional SouthCoast clothing and accessory companies such as Fairhaven-based Chris Donovan Footwear; and in New Bedford, Joseph Abboud suits and Shara Porter’s hand-printed accessories. Fall River companies in the book include Gnome Create, Good Clothing Company, Stroke 2o surf gear, 1ov3, WoolPRO by Merrow and Fall River Knitting Mills. In her feature of Brawlers Inc. Clothing Company, clothing made for the rap community, Garcia said she decided to feature local rapper Toska in the photo shoot. “I didn’t want to make it look unnatural for their brands...

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.southcoasttoday.com/news/20170910/umd-grad-publishes-magazine-celebrating-local-clothing-industry

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